The Flames of the End

Anders Björler om den kommande At The Gates dvdn:

"It's now almost two-and-a-half years after the first telephone call to the guys regarding the reunion plans for 2008. Looking back at it today, I am very pleased and happy we pulled it off in the short amount of time and clearing all the planning hurdles with our other bands; THE HAUNTED, DISFEAR, BRUJERIA, NEMHAIN, SLAKATTACK etc.

"I started preparing for the documentary 'Under A Serpent Sun' already in 2007. I got myself a new camera, 'cause the old one gave up on me.

"The downside to my filming plans was actually reliving all the feelings associated with AT THE GATES. I didn't want to miss anything. I talked to fans, journalists, and everybody was just overwhelmed by the whole thing. All of us basically took the time to experience this tour to the fullest extent. We appreciated every second of it, because we knew that in a few months it would all be over. All the troubles of the past were washed away. We were basically enjoying touring again.

"After the reunion tour, I sat down and had a look at all the material we had collected. We had a bunch of stuff filmed from pretty much everywhere we played. The quality was very diverse, but at the same time intriguing, and it gave me the inspiration to continue on the documentary.

"I had made some interviews beforehand with Tomas [Lindberg, vocals], and continued tracking down people with knowledge of the past — Alf, Jesper Jarold from AT THE GATES, and a bunch of people from other bands at the time. We hunted down a few hundred old pictures, old crappy VHS and HI-8 recordings from the rehearsal room, live shows, on the road footage etc... ending up with a 130-minute documentary.

"I want to express gratitude to the people helping us out with old material: photos, videos, stories etc... It wouldn't have been possible without your help!

"The Wacken show was planned ahead as being the #1 show on the upcoming DVD. It captured us at our finest moment, just after the U.S. tour, and it's definitely one of our finest moments. We were blown away of the fact that we actually played for 60,000 people.

"So, enjoy 'The Flames of the End' DVD box set. We have really put our hearts into this release, and it's a fine last document of the band."

Trailer för The Flames of the End.


Postat av: Dan

Antar att du läst close up ett par år.

Hur brukar dom göra med årets bästa album lista?

Är det flera i tidningen som säger sina och sen slår dom ihop alla och får fram den slutgiltiga listan? :)

Btw, vilka album tror du kommer finnas med?

Jag gissar iaf på att All shall fall kommer finnas med. :)

2009-11-26 @ 20:01:38
Postat av: SheerFaith

Jo jag har läst Close-Up ett par år. Skulle tro att i nästa nummer så är det skribenternas listor, dvs att alla skribenter har varsin lista och sen utifrån det så blir det en lista för tidningen.

Immortal finns nog med på många listor, likaså Mastodon och The Devils Blood skulle jag tro. Jag hoppas och tror att Griftegård finns med för den plattan kommer att finnas på min lista.

2009-11-27 @ 10:26:17

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